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Fitnet Manager joins European software group Everfield

Montpellier, 31. May 2023. Software group Everfield has acquired the French software company Fitnet Manager (legal name “Business & System Architects Conseil SAS”). Under its brand, Fitnet Manager offers a leading ERP solution for project-related work. With this first acquisition in France, Everfield further expands its pan-European group of B2B software companies. Everfield’s objective is to facilitate the company’s growth potential together with Fitnet Manager’s existing team. 

Fitnet Manager is a leading ERP solution for project-related workflows in the service sector. Users are primarily providers of professional services such as engineering companies or architecture firms, as well as consulting agencies and IT services companies.

“Fitnet Manager perfectly fits our portfolio of specialized business software”, emphasised Everfield COO Marcin Szelag.  “Together with founder Laurent Salsé, who with his rich expertise remains on board as CEO, we will further expand the company’s strong position. Fitnet Manager has established a very strong base from which we can grow and already counts a number of major companies among their long-standing clients.”

These include in-house consulting departments in larger corporations such as Société Générale and Total Energies, along with Renault-Nissan and SNCF. 

“For Fitnet Manager, Everfield is the perfect partner”, added Laurent Salsé.

“Everfield thinks internationally and growth-oriented, but also brings a deep understanding for the culture of medium-sized companies in the French-speaking region. Right from the start, we noticed that our culture closely aligns with Everfield’s. Our clients, as well as our company and employees stand to profit from this.” 

The team behind Fitnet Manager will continue to be available to customers at the existing locations in Montpellier, Barcelona and Tunis. Additionally, along with other companies in the Everfield group, Fitnet Manager will leverage Everfield’s know-how to identify and realize its growth potential. “Our strategy is to only make long-term investments”, Everfield CEO Scott Saklad explained. “With Fitnet Manager, we therefore focus on organic growth, building on the company’s strong fundamentals.” 

Fitnet Manager develops its ERP software for the management of project-based work since 2007. The solution is distributed exclusively as a cloud-based SaaS. Its flexibility allows for international use in companies of any size. Fitnet Manager customers thus include both large corporations, as well as smaller service providers. 

Everfield is currently establishing a pan-European group of B2B software companies. Acquisition candidates are suppliers of proprietary software solutions with recurring revenues of between 1 and 8 million euros. “With the acquisition of Fitnet Manager we strengthen our position as a pan-European software group”, remarked Everfield Head of Acquisitions Henning Schreiber. “We consistently continue on this course. Following our recent acquisitions in Latvia and Germany, further investments across Europe are in our pipeline.” 

 As part of a “buy-and-grow” strategy, Everfield aims to fully acquire companies’ shares. Everfield is not looking for short-term success through quick reselling, but relies on long-term cooperation. Henning Schreiber: “We come to stay.” Companies are expected to retain their autonomy to a large extent, but can rely on support from Everfield’s teams. In particular, founders and owners who care about the future of their company can be sure that they are putting their entrepreneurial legacy in good hands. 

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