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Everfield acquires Grafik Optymalny its first acquisition in Poland

Warsaw, 3. October 2023 –– Everfield Software has acquired Grafik Optymalny (“Company”, “Grafik”), a leading Polish solution for AI-driven work time planning. This transaction supports Grafik Optymalny’s ongoing product innovation and growth and strategically positions the company for further expansion in Poland and across Europe.

“This is our first transaction in Poland, and we are very happy that Grafik Optymalny is the cornerstone of our footprint in Poland” said Adam Jarmicki responsible for acquisitions in Poland and CEE at Everfield, adding also: “The company offers a highly specialised solution with an already strong market position and multiple great prospects in place.

“Grafik Optymalny fits our approach of growing companies excellently," emphasises Henning Schreiber, Head of Acquisitions at Everfield.

Grafik Optymalny is a Polish company offering an AI-driven work time planning solution for large and dispersed enterprises and organizations. The platform optimises personnel costs and simplifies scheduling through its cloud solution offered in SaaS model. With just a single click, companies can generate schedules that consider many variables such as employee headcount and availability, type of contract and costs, operational needs, and work time compliance. Additionally, Grafik Optymalny streamlines and digitalizes a complete range of HR processes, such as time tracking, holiday management, and remote work coordination.

The company was founded in 2014 by Karolina Dolaś, an expert in work time planning and personnel cost optimization, and Grzegorz Galos, a software developer with years of experience in designing innovative applications. They have developed Grafik with their own funds and select support of financial investors like Impera Alfa and SpeedUp.

Grafik Optymalny is currently used by hundreds of companies, helping to plan the work time of nearly 100,000 employees. The platform works well in various industries, including retail (especially in retail chains), e-commerce, hotels, hospitality, manufacturing, and many others. Clients of Grafik Optymalny include known Polish and international brands.

Grafik Optymalny has now joined Everfield Software, following the acquisition of 100% of its shares. The company’s founders will retain their current roles and continue to lead the growth of Grafik, leveraging Everfield’s support for both domestic and international expansion, as well as for enhancing the product offerings.

The team at Grafik Optymalny will benefit from Everfield’s know-how and expertise in the development of SaaS platforms in countries like Germany, France, and the UK.

Karolina Dolaś, founder and CEO of Grafik Optymalny, says: “Over nearly a decade of development, Grafik Optymalny has become a key tool for work management in many companies and has gained a significant market share. For some time, we have been looking for a partner who will help us in long-term development and in building an international position in HR tools.

"Everfield is exactly the partner as they can provide us with the know-how needed and remain the autonomy required in place. Thanks to this, we can continue to implement our vision, and our clients can continue to use the tool they know and value.”

Everfield is establishing a pan-European group of B2B software companies. Potential candidates are suppliers of proprietary software solutions with recurring annual revenues of between 2 and 8 million euros.

“Following acquisitions in the UK, Latvia, Germany and France, with this first acquisition in Poland we are also establishing our presence in the B2B software market in Central and Eastern Europe,” emphasizes Henning Schreiber, Head of Acquisitions at Everfield.

“Following acquisitions in the UK, Latvia, Germany and France, with this first acquisition in Poland we are also establishing our presence in the B2B software market in Central and Eastern Europe,”

Further acquisitions throughout Europe are currently in preparation. As part of a “buy-and-grow” strategy, Everfield aims to fully acquire companies’ shares. Everfield investment strategy does not consider ever exiting from acquired software companies and is focused on long term growth of combined value of Everfield business.

Henning Schreiber: “We come to stay.” Companies are expected to retain their autonomy to a large extent but can rely on support from Everfield’s teams.In particular, founders and owners who care about the future of their company can be sure that by entrusting Everfield their entrepreneurial legacy will be continued.

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