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Everfield acquires leading retail-CRM provider Synergee

Paris, 26. June 2023. The European B2B software group Everfield has acquired the French software company Synergee SAS. With this acquisition, Everfield continues its Europe-wide growth course. Synergee offers a cloud-based management solution for commercial networks such as franchise and retail networks and is one of the European market leaders in this segment. Together with Synergee CEO, Laurent Dubernais, Everfield will focus on the company’s sustainable growth.

“As an experienced provider and developer of specialised B2B software, Synergee is an ideal fit for the portfolio of the Everfield group”, emphasises Henning Schreiber, Head of Acquisitions at Everfield. “Synergee is a profitable company with a longstanding customer base. These are optimal conditions for a successful advancement of the business model.”

Synergee offers a cloud-based SaaS solution for the management and optimisation of commercial networks. In this segment, the company is among the European market leaders. Clients are, for instance, franchise companies, retail groups or central purchasing departments in large corporations. Among the user companies are Europcar, Randstad, Carrefour, Intersport and Speedy.

Synergee’s flexible B2B software supports trading companies of any size in the management of their distribution networks. The Synergee solution includes 13 modules, which allow clients to manage their point of sales life cycle, tailored to their requirements. The modules range from development, contract management, real estate, maintenance and purchasing to finance and closing reports. Clients can thus manage all aspects of their distribution network in a software that meets their needs. Synergee currently serves approximately 300 brands with a total of almost 70.000 points of sale in over 120 countries.

“I was looking for a partner to speed up Synergee’s organic growth“, underlines Laurent Dubernais, who took over the company in 2011.

“The long-term approach and the software expertise of Everfield convinced me. With Everfield’s support, we will now further expand Synergee’s strong market position.”

Laurent Dubernais and his team will continue to run Synergee’s business from the headquarters in Colombes, and technical office in Mende. All other Synergee offices will also continue to operate as usual. “We attach great value to preserving the corporate culture and the employees’ know-how”, confirms Henning Schreiber. “In the Everfield group, each company retains its individual character, as part of our European network of B2B software specialists.”

Everfield is establishing a pan-European group of B2B software companies. Acquisition candidates are suppliers of proprietary software solutions with recurring revenues of between 1 and 8 million euros. First transactions in Latvia, Germany and France have already taken place. Further acquisitions across Europe are currently in preparation.

As part of a “buy-and-grow” strategy, Everfield aims to fully acquire companies’ shares. Everfield is not looking for short-term success through quick reselling, but relies on long-term cooperation. Henning Schreiber: “We come to stay.” Companies are expected to retain their autonomy to a large extent, but can rely on support from Everfield’s teams. In particular, founders and owners who care about the future of their company can be sure that they are putting their entrepreneurial legacy in good hands.

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