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Everfield acquires French indoor mapping expert Visioglobe

Montbonnot-Saint-Martin, 23. October 2023. The French software company “Visioglobe SAS” has joined European software group Everfield. Visioglobe specialises in indoor mapping and way finding solutions and is among the market leaders in this segment. The transaction marks Everfield’s third acquisition in France within only six months. Together with Visioglobe’s existing team, Everfield will foster the company’s organic growth.

“Visioglobe is a strong addition to our growing portfolio of companies at Everfield”, underlined Thomas Savinel, Acquisitions Manager for France at Everfield. “With its leading position in the specialised market of indoor mapping and indoor navigation, Visioglobe serves customers on a worldwide scale. We are very pleased to welcome founders Eric Bernard and Philippe Poutignat to the Everfield family, alongside their team of seasoned professionals, and are eager to advance Visioglobe together.”

Henning Schreiber, Head of Acquisitions at Everfield, added: “Building on Visioglobe’s strong fundamentals and experienced team, we will support the company’s organic growth, both on the French and the international market.” Visioglobe, headquartered in Montbonnot-Saint-Martin near Grenoble, already counts a number of major international corporations among its clients.

“We are very excited to join Everfield”, emphasised founders Eric Bernard and Philippe Poutignat, who will remain with Visioglobe as CEO and CTO, respectively.

“Everfield’s experience in the software industry and mastering of best practices will help us to both increase scalability and further accelerate our growth. Together, we aim to substantially expand our market position in the indoor cartography world by offering the best service and product quality to our customers and partners.”

All Visioglobe employees and services will remain available to clients as usual.

Visioglobe is a leading provider of solutions for indoor mapping and way finding. The core product, VisioMapEditor, allows users to create, edit, and publish indoor maps, including in 3D. By adding tags and icons, or defining a route network enabling step-by-step navigation, users can adjust the maps to their specific needs. The broad client base uses the tool for mapping offices, hospitals, malls, universities, airports, and more. Aside from VisioMapEditor, Visioglobe also offers two complementary solutions: VisioAssets uses real-time data to track and locate fixed and moving assets. VisioStats enables clients to collect real-time data from sensors and end-users. In total, the company’s software solutions are used for over 1000 live projects in more than 30 countries.

Everfield is establishing a pan-European group of B2B software companies. Acquisition candidates are suppliers of proprietary software solutions with recurring revenues of between 1 and 8 million euros. “With this third acquisition in France within half a year, we reinforce our position in the French B2B software market”, remarked Everfield Head of Acquisitions Henning Schreiber. “Further investments across Europe are already in preparation.”

As part of a “buy-and-grow” strategy, Everfield aims to fully acquire companies’ shares. Everfield is not looking for short-term success through quick reselling, but relies on long-term cooperation. Henning Schreiber: “We come to stay.” Companies are expected to retain their autonomy to a large extent, but can rely on support from Everfield’s teams. In particular, founders and owners who care about the future of their company can be sure that they are putting their entrepreneurial legacy in good hands.

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