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Everfield acquires VSX - Vogel Software

VSX – VOGEL SOFTWARE, a leading provider of software and Internet solutions for sales support in the pump industry, has joined the Everfield European software group.

Apart from the development of new markets, the founders of VSX are thus taking the first step towards a long-term succession plan. For VSX customers, this primarily means lasting stability and security for the investments made.

“With VSX, we have been able to attract another highly specialised software company to the Everfield Software group,” said Henning Schreiber, Everfield Germany's Managing Director and Head of Acquisitions. “With its highly specialised solution for sales and quotation costing, VSX is a leading software provider in the pump industry.”

VSX’s Spaix software is a CPQ (“Configure Price Quote”) solution. This software supports customers in selecting, configuring and quoting centrifugal pumps and is used by leading European and international pump manufacturers. Centrifugal pumps have a wide range of use from water and wastewater to a variety of industrial applications.

“As a family-run company, VSX is shaped by values such as openness, reliability and fairness,” emphasised Hanns-Henrik Vogel. “We have built this company over the last 30 years. It was clear to us that we could only hand VSX over to a partner who fits us and who brings the right concept. Everfield was exactly the right choice for that.”

“We have built a profitable and healthy company and are convinced that Everfield, with its expertise in the B2B software business, will continue on this course,” adds Jens-Uwe Vogel.

“It was already apparent in the early discussions that we share our conviction when it comes to market and product strategy. Customer benefit is at the heart of our products and services. It is thus logical to further develop the company on a broader financial and personnel basis in order to be a reliable partner for our customers in the long term. In addition, it gives me a good feeling to know that Everfield wants to build on the existing team and add more employees.”

“As Everfield, we are always on the lookout for established industry solutions like VSX’s software,” adds Henning Schreiber. “By acquiring VSX, we have been able to gain a company with plenty of know-how and highly specialised and experienced employees. In return, we will support VSX in embarking on a sustainable growth course.”

The two founders and managing directors of VSX, Hanns-Henrik Vogel and Jens-Uwe Vogel will remain on board as managing directors after the acquisition.

Schreiber continues: “We attach great importance to the expertise of the founders, so that together we can successfully grow the company in the long term.”

The VSX solution, Spaix, is designed as a central element for the entire sales process due to its integrated functions for pump selection and configuration, price calculation and quote generation. VSX also operates the information and consulting portal, Apart from editorial content and industry news, the portal offers a database to assist users in selecting the right centrifugal pump for their project.

Everfield is establishing a pan-European group of B2B software companies. Acquisition candidates are suppliers of proprietary software solutions.

As part of a “buy-and-grow” strategy, Everfield aims to fully acquire the company’s shares. Everfield is not looking for short-term success through quick reselling, but relies on long-term cooperation.

Henning Schreiber says; “We come to stay.”

Companies are expected to retain their autonomy to a large extent, but can rely on support from Everfield’s teams. In particular, founders and owners who care about the future of their company can be sure that they are putting their entrepreneurial legacy in good hands.

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